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Protect Your Pet with Cardiac Care and Pain Management

While we tend to think that our pets are happy and healthy, sometimes big problems can arise with them. Cardiac care is important to keeping your pet healthy for the long haul; while pain management therapies can give your pet a better quality of life after surgery or a diagnosis of a chronic condition. Pet Veterinary Clinic PC wants to help safeguard your pets!


Contact our team today to schedule a cardiac care or pain management consultation!

•  Cardiac ultrasounds

•  Echocardiogram

•  ECGs (Electrocardiogram tests)

•  Cardiac medications (as needed)

•  Consultations on pet cardiac health

Cardiac care for pets:

Why choose cold laser therapy for your pet?

Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive way to treat pain for your pet! Whether your pet has post-surgical pain or a chronic condition, cold laser therapy can reduce pain and restore mobility!

Ease pet pain with cold laser therapy:

Put over 35 years' of veterinary care experience on your side with Pet Veterinary Clinic PC. Call today to schedule a consultation!


Pain management treatments like Pet Veterinary Clinic PC's cold laser therapy can give your pet renewed quality of life following surgery or when dealing with chronic pain!

•  Wound healing

•  Ear infections

•  Pain

•  Arthritis, hip dysplasia

•  Inflammation

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