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Solve Pet Problems with Surgical and Dental Care

You don't always have to make a special trip for pet dental care – Pet Veterinary Clinic PC can handle all your pet's dental cleaning needs on-site at our facility! Our team can perform minor surgical operations and most major surgeries (exceptions for difficult extractions) – it's all about what your pet needs!


Your pet will enjoy top-tier care from veterinary professionals. Our staff has over 35 years of experience caring for your furry companions! That's the experience you can trust!

•  Spaying and neutering

•  Tumor removal

•  Tooth polishing

•  Tooth cleaning

•  Minor dental extractions

Surgical and dental care options:

Complement dental care with great grooming services for your pet!

Let Pet Veterinary Clinic PC pamper your pet! Round out dental care with great grooming services. Your pet will look its best with clean teeth, trimmed nails, and a new haircut!

Caring for your pet when you can't

Call Pet Veterinary Clinic PC today to schedule an appointment for pet surgery or dental care!


Pet Veterinary Clinic PC will use the latest technology to assess your pet's health! Cold laser therapy, cardiac ultrasounds, and EKG machines are just some of the high-tech pet care solutions we offer!

Going away on business? Perhaps taking a vacation? Pet Veterinary Clinic PC can care for your pet while you're gone! Learn more about our boarding services and let us watch your pet while you're gone!

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